The Process

We design the right environment for behavioural change to occur through a three-step process that enables the individuals to reasses their lives and design the roadmap to where they want to be.

(Breakdown) Look Inside Yourself - During the first week, we take you through a process of deconstruction to reconfigure your mindset and create the ideal space for the journey ahead.

(Breakthrough) Explore Tools - In week two, you will be immersed in a variety of workshops, skillsharing sessions, mentorship and inspirational talks to further develop yourself and your venture.

Take Action and Move Forward - In your final week, we reconstruct. Using the tools and skills you’ve learnt, we help you distill your next steps and design a personalised action plan.

Example Agenda

Morning Free Time
Breakfast In Separate Villas
Daily Group Check In Session & Journalling
Personality Discovery & Discussion
Press Release Activity (Future visions)
Peer to Peer discussion
Lunch Activity (Participants will be divided into different groups for the activity)
Understanding our strenghts (SWOT)
Personal Time
Early Evening Yoga
Inspirational Discussion
Personal Time



"A great few weeks to spend on yourself, learn new things about yourself and work on a business idea you have / work further on your current business, bounce ideas off people and generally have a space to focus on what you want to do over the next year." - [Dana from Australia, living in Singapore]


“Change Ventures means two things to me - a place to change and grow in both personal and professional ways, and a place to build extradordinary relationships within a community of great entrepreneurial minds. The program is so valuable for the times we live in - support and direction to develop ventures that make a positive difference in the world.  I loved the program and am so happy to be part of the ongoing community we have all created.” - [Amanda from Queensland, Australia]


"Abundance of knowledge that is 'downloaded' in just 3 weeks! At the end of the course, Change Ventures gave me TONS of new information and tools (a bit overwhelmed by it :p). I'm looking forward to implement it as I can already see in which areas it can improve my ventures. Highly recommended to enrol yourself and be part of it!" - [Zia from Indonesia]