The Outcomes

3 most possible outcomes for an individual...

Know Yourself - For direction seekers or corporate drop-outs, you will realign yourself with who you are, what you want to be and how to move forward, be it taking the road of entrepreneurship or not!

Know Your Venture - For new entrepreneurs, you will be better aligned with yourself and your business and have the tools and resources necessary to hit the ground running.

Move Forward - For current entrepreneurs, you will realign with your bigger goals and vision in order to better position your venture and take it to the next stage.


Broader Outcomes

  • Challenge your thinking and gain new perspectives
  • Learn different theoretical approaches and strategies for getting started (personal & professional) - including tools, resources and frameworks
  • Develop a clear direction and focus to design your next steps, be it a career or a new venture / startup
  • Leave with a personalised roadmap and concrete action plan
  • Access a supportive peer-to-peer network and community from various backgrounds both during and after the programme
  • Realign your internal compass
  • Become more self-aware and understand yourslef within a greater context
  • Build cultural knowledgeand skills to further yourself as a world citizen
  • Fun group workout classes and yoga (2 - 3 x a week)
  • Create better routines and practices for productivity and creativity!
  • A lifetime experience


"Inspirational, transformative, and gives clarity" - [Rina, from Indonesia]

"If this was a real school, I wouldn't want to pass out ever.
The whole process got me to be more stable in my thoughts and decisions. Now I realize how observing & listening can be so powerful in life. Taught me how we complicate our lives & ideas and end up failing short of executing it perfectly, so its better to keep things simple and then build over it."
- [Shrey, India]

Mentors & organizers really help you break down your problems to the core and help you rebuild or pivot in your lives. I would surely recommend this process to people at cross roads in their life.

"I got something totally unplanned and unexpected - seeing my existing business model from a totally different perspective, in a way that makes more sense and sits well with my objectives. Even better than the goals I had in mind.” - [Alina from Singapore]

“Change lives up to its name- it changes your perspective on 'the most important problem' you want to solve and how you can do it. Glad to have been an early adopter of the program" - [LaTanya from Miami, USA]

“Change Ventures from Quebec to Singapore breaks the boundary of connecting with worldwide entrepreneurs and learning trough international mentoring, how to achieve your personal business goals. Truly awesome business adventure trip.” - [Phil from Quebec, Canada}

"It changed what I actually wanted to work on. Thought more about getting a job that was in line with what I want and in line with what I needed to be good at for my own business. One major change for me was being able to be present with just me, without all the other things attached" - [Savitri from New York, USA]